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Australians love a good barbie: every two in three households own a BBQ. Here are some food safety tips so you can grill without getting ill.

Australians eat more meat than any other country in the world ­ 93 kilograms per person, per year. And a good chunk of that probably ends up on the barbie, given two thirds of Australian households own a barbecue.  

That means there’s a real risk of food poisoning. Around 4.1 million people become ill due to food poisoning every year, yet many of these illness are preventable. The two main dangers with grilling meat come from spreading germs from raw meat to food that’s ready to eat, and from eating undercooked meat.

Cross-contamination occurs when bacteria are transferred from raw meat to food that’s ready to eat – is a common problem at BBQ's. Make sure you do not use the same chopping board for raw meat and other food such as salads. Also when putting cooked meat back on the same tray or plate you used to take raw meat to the barbecue .  Chicken must be well cooked.

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