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Food Safety Training

Enrol in Food Handling or Food Safety Supervisor training courses (Level 1 & 2)

Do you need Food Safety training in either the Retail & Hospitality, Health & Community Services, or Food Processing industries? CFT  provides nationally recognised food safety courses online, in-house or by correspondence. This Food Safety training also meets the requirements to be a Food Safety Supervisor under the NSW Food Authority, Queensland Food Act 2006, Queensland Food Regulation 2006, Victorian Food Act 1984, and the Food Standards Australia & New Zealand. 

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Food safety training for people who work in restaurants, cafes and hotels, etc. Food handling course for people working in food processing industry. Health & Community Service

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Food Safety Training - General Information

What Training Do You Need To Do?

Food Safety Level 1 also known as Food Handlers, Food Hygiene Training and Food Handling Certificate is the pre-requisite for people working in a kitchen, café, restaurant, school canteen, hotel, supermarkets or other food retail outlets, under supervision.

Food Safety Level 2 is for people who will be the Food Safety Supervisor and who have already completed Food Safety Level 1. Level 2 satisfies the Food Safety Supervisor requirements under the NSW Food Authority, Queensland Food Act 2006, Queensland Food Regulation 2006, Victorian Food Act 1984, and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand. In NSW, participants require the Food Safety Supervisor NSW certificate authorised by NSW Food Authority and this FSS training is available online.  If you have a current NSW Food Safety Supervisor certificate you can do the NSW FSS Refresher course online.

How You Will Be Assessed

Whether you undertake your food supervisor safety training online, by correspondence or "in-house" for groups, the assessment process is designed to meet the requirements of the nationally recognised units.

Assessment for Food Safety Training Online has two components: a series of online questions to assess your knowledge and a workplace practical skills assignment. The workplace assignment is completed on the job, in a real or simulated workplace environment and observed by a suitably qualified 3rd party observer- see further details here.  All food handling and food safety supervisor training is delivered by CFT International RTO #21120.

Food safety is everyone’s concern. If you work with food in the food service industry, it is important that you and your staff have the proper food safety training to ensure you are serving your patrons with the best duty of care. Be informed: be safe. Start your food handling or food safety supervisor certificate online with CFT QLD today.